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  • Bruce Karbowski, Commissioner

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County Barn Address 
349 FM 770S
Raywood, TX   77582

Mailing Address
1923 Sam Houston
Liberty, TX  77575


Phone: 936-587-4922
Fax: 936-587-5027

Cynthia Ivy - Administrative Assistant 
Randy Humber - Foreman
John W. Wilson - Asst. Foreman

Areas Served
Dayton (South of Hwy 90, East of FM 1409), Liberty, Ames, Raywood, Devers and Moss Bluff

Hours of Operation

After Hours, Holidays and Weekends
Contact Sheriff's Office at (936) 336-4500

  • 4-Devers
    5-Liberty-Hartel Building
    6-Moss Bluff
    19-Liberty-City Hall
    29-Old River
    30-Dayton-Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
  • Hours of operation: Wednesday-Saturday, 7:00 am -5:00 pm 

    Located approximately 3 miles south on FM 770


  • 1. How do I report my road in need of repair?
    Call (936) 587-4922 to notify us of the problem so that inspection and scheduling of repair can be made.

    2. Are all roads in the precinct maintained by the County?
    Not necessarily. Most roads are, with the exception of private roads, driveways and all state highways.

    3. How do I determine if my road is a county or private road?
    Contact our office and we can probably inform you right away; however, if unclear, research of county records will be conducted and determination will be made.

    4. Is my driveway repairable by the County?
    Only within the confines of the county easement of the road you live on. (Typically, even with telephone poles/lines)

    5. Does the County provide culvert installations?
    On County roads only. Homeowner is responsible for purchase and delivery of culverts. County will install for a fee.  Call Barn for info.

    6. Where can I contact my Commissioner when I need him?
    Typically, the Commissioner is at the County Barn (936) 587-4922 from 7am-7:45am, M-Thur.

    7. How do I contact you for employment?
    You must fill out an application for employment at the county barn in Raywood.

    8. When are Commissioners Court meetings held?
    Typically, the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. To appear and speak on an agenda item, you must pre-register with the County Judge's Office at (936) 336-4665 at least 15 minutes before the scheduled court meeting.