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    • Our mission and goal of the Precinct 2 Constable's office is to work closely with our community in an effort to understand their needs and problems and in a joint effort to find solutions to the above which will make our community a safer and more closely knit family. If our community and we in Law Enforcement begin to understand in reality what our problems are and set a goal for positive answers and solutions our children will have a much safer and more positive environment to grow up in.
    • At the Commissioner's Court meeting on January 23rd 2001, the Liberty County Commissioners voted unanimously to enact a commercial vehicle weight and regulation ordinance on Liberty County roads. The commissioners agreed that a company that would have any truck whose weight would be in excess of 58,420 pounds would have to be registered with the county. Also at the commissioner's discretion, the company could be required to be bonded so that any damage the vehicles caused to Liberty County roads would be paid for by the company. All of the registering will go through the license and weight division of the Constable's Office with the Precinct #2 Constable being appointed as the coordinator.

      The vehicles will be given a registration sticker, which goes on the windshield. When companies know that they are going to be bringing large loads onto a county road, they must give a 48-hour prior notification to the commissioner's office whose precinct those roads are in. The commissioner's office will then give the company a route to follow to their destination.

      As of April 23, 2001, the License and Weight Division has successfully registered and permitted in excess of 850 companies and vehicles that are currently working on Liberty County roads. To this date the registration process has been very intense and steady. This part of the annual registration process is nearing completion. As previously promised Liberty County now has a DOT certified officer whose primary function has been to work on the above new program. I am very excited and pleased to report the above facts and conclude by saying I feel that the first year of his newly organized program is not only successful due to the cooperation of all county officials, but also the companies and citizens in our county who have supported this program. With everyone's continued support and the primary goal of keeping our roads safe and secure for all to travel, we will have continued success.

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