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The Payment Group

**Phone number to process payment:1-800-444-1187

  • To schedule a wedding call our office at 281-592-9229.  Marriage licenses are obtained through the County Clerk's Office at 936-336-4676 or 281-593-8413.
  • All Juvenile records are strictly confidential.
    The following defendants must appear in Court with a parent or legal guardian:
    * defendants who are under 18 year of age,
    *defendants charged with school attendance violations,
    *defendants under 18 charged with alcohol, drug or tobacco related offenses.

    Defendants who are between the ages of 18 and under 21, charges with school attendance violations, alcohol or drug offenses, must appear in Court.

  • You may obtain a copy of an autopsy report by submitting a letter requesting a copy.  Please include the name of the deceased and the date of death.  A charge for a copy may apply - please contact the Court for information.  Contact the County Clerk's Office for death certificates at 936-336-4676 or 281-593-8413.
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