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  • IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY:  Call your local law enforcement agency or 9-1-1 immediately if you have an emergency or a life threatening situation.
  • Mission Statement: We are a volunteer Board of concerned individuals who are actively involved in supporting the staff, caregivers, foster parents, and volunteers involved with the protection and welfare of children, especially those who are abused and neglected.  We seek to significantly reduce the incident of child abuse and neglect in Liberty County, Texas.

    Vision: To function as a Board dedicated to providing support services to at risk children and families and promoting the prevention of abuse and neglect of the most vulnerable in our community. We believe that the future of our community can be significantly improved by the successful accomplishment of our mission through programs, events, fundraisers, and other activities we advocate.

  • (Established by action of the Liberty County Commissioners Court on February 27, 1978)

    The Liberty County Children's Protective Services (CPS) Board is comprised of 10 members appointed by the Liberty County Commissioners. The CPS Board is the Liberty County Child Welfare Board, as defined in the Texas Family Code – Section 264.005 - County Child Welfare Board.

    In partnership with Liberty County caseworkers and community organizations, the CPS Board provides critical resources and support to children at every stage of involvement with a Liberty County CPS case; including Investigations, Family-Based Safety Services, and Conservatorship. These resources could include emergency assistance for an infant during an Investigation or support to relatives caring for children placed in their care through a kinship placement. Children in a substitute care setting and their caregivers are eligible for financial assistance from the Board. This includes children in foster care, kinship care, group homes, and/or residential treatment centers. Financial assistance can include funding for items related to educational needs, medical expenses, clothing and bedding, or other items related to the safety and welfare of children.

  • Officers:
    Cyndie Abshire, President
    Donna Hebert, Vice President
    Marilyn Gilliland, Secretary
    John Hebert, Treasurer

    Ena Stoesser,
    Dr. David Arnold
    Becky Dearmore
    Mary Kay Hicks
    Wendell Null
    Donna Burt

    Vanesa Brashier
    Stacey Gatlin