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Liberty County Auditor

The position of County Auditor is a statutory position filled by appointment by the State District Judges for a term of two years. The County Auditor's appointment, duties and authority are set by state law, primarily in the Local Government Code, Chapter 84.

The duties of the County Auditor include: internal auditing, accounting, financial reporting, accounts payable processing, budgetary control, debt management and other financial duties. All these duties are established under the primary statutory responsibility of the County Auditor, which is to insure that the laws regarding County finances are strictly enforced.

The County Auditor's Office is pleased to provide a wide array of information, including County financial reports, Audit Reports, Utility Billing and other information concerning the office. This website is furnished as a public service to provide insight into the functions of this office. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

For information regarding payments and billing procedures please see the "General Information" tab below.

Liberty County Auditor Dwayne Gott

Dwayne Gott, CPA
Liberty County Auditor


    Liberty County processes and makes payments in accordance with state statues.

    Individual departments submit bills to be paid to the Auditor's office. After verifying information and funds, bills are then entered to be paid on the next check run. Checks are cut after Commissioners' Court approval and are sent to the Treasurer's Office for final signatures and mailing.

    All bills to be paid are due by 5pm the Monday of the week prior to Commissioners' Court.
    If you have any questions regarding any payment we encourage that the department submitting the payment is contacted first to verify submission prior to contacting Accounts Payable.

    Attorneys: All attorney fee vouchers are subject to the same cut-off time as regular bill payments. Please verify that your voucher is completely filled out, signed AND certified by the correct clerk's office prior to submitting to the Auditor's Office. If you are a new appointed attorney you will need to be set up in our system prior to payments being issued. Please fill out and submit the New Vendor Application and the IRS Form W9 to our office prior to submitting any vouchers.



    Did you recently serve on a Jury?

    Jury service payments are made by the Clerk of the Court. If you have a question regarding the status of payment for jury service please contact the clerk's office for that court.

    District Clerk - serves the 75th District Court, 253rd District Court, CPS courts

    County Clerk - serves the County Court At Law, County Court At Law 2, and the Statutory County Court



    All public information requests must be submitted in writing to our office at:

    Liberty County Auditor's Office
    310 Main Street
    Liberty, TX 77575

    Requests for this office through the GovQA portal will not be received.


    Travel Policy

    All travel payments (Advances and Expenses) are subject to the same rules and cut-offs as regular bill payments. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ISSUED WITHOUT COMMISSIONERS' COURT APPROVAL FIRST. Please be sure that all advances are submitted with this timing in mind.

    Travel Advance Form
    Travel Expense - July 1, 2022 update
    Travel Expense 2023
    Local Travel Expense - July 1, 2022 update
    Local Travel Expense 2023
    Travel Expense for Prisoner Transport - July 1, 2022 update
    Travel Expense for Prisoner Transport 2023



    As stated in General Information section, the Liberty County Auditor's Offices complies with all state statues in regards to payments and processing. No payments shall be issued without following correct procedure for that type of payment nor without Commissioners' Court approval. Bills to be paid must include the following:


    Departments should note that any bills submitted with out proper documentation, past the cut-off for processing, or without available funds will be held.



    Departments are responsible for monitoring their budgets and spending accordingly. In the event that funds need to be transferred between a department's line items please submit the Budget Amendment form below to BOTH the County Judge's Office and the County Auditor. Transfers will not be made until the County Auditor receives a copy of the amendment from the County Judge's Office signed by the Judge and approved by Commissioners' Court.

    FYE 2022 Budget Amendment Form


  • Transparency in financial planning is achieved through the annual budget process. While the County Judge is the official budget officer for the county, the Auditor's office plays an important role by ensuring compliance with the current budget and assisting with estimating expenditures for the new year. Budget workshops are held starting in the spring to discuss the various departments needs for spending. A detailed, county-wide budget is composed and then posted for review by the Commissioners, the county departments, and the public. Finally, in a formal meeting of the Commissioners Court the budget is adopted.


    Listed below is the current county budget along with prior years budgets.




  • In this section the Liberty County Auditor's Office is pleased to provide to the public CAFRS, internal audit reports, and single audit reports. 

Office Staff

First Assistant Auditor Angela Maselli
Assistant Auditor Natalie Roper
Assistant Auditor Tara Bridges
Assistant Auditor Berenice Ornelas
Assistant Auditor Ashley Adams

Angela Maselli, CPA

First Assistant Auditor
Phone: (936)336-4624
Ext. 1505




Natalie Roper

Assistant Auditor
Phone: (936)336-4605
Ext. 1504




Tara Bridges

Assistant Auditor
Phone: (936)336-4661
Ext. 1502




Berenice Ornelas

Assistant Auditor
Phone: (936)336-4606
Ext. 1501





Ashley Adams

Assistant Auditor
Phone: (936)253-8047
Ext.  1507



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Physical and Mailing Address:

310 Main Street
Liberty, TX 77575



Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Note: This office observes all county holidays. Please see the listing for closures.