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    Created January, 1 2020, The Office of the Elections Administrator is responsible for all voter registration and most election operations for Liberty County. Our physical office is located on the North West side of the courthouse at 1915 Trinity Street, Liberty Texas 77575. Mailing Address is 1923 Sam Houston Street, Liberty Texas 77575.



        Klint Bush, Elections Administrator / Voter Registrar

    Melanie Croker, Chief Deputy

    Doc Sikes, Assistant Voter Registrar

    Public Office Hours 9-4 Monday thru Friday


    VOTER REGISTRATION: 936-253-8050

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    Email elections@co.liberty.tx.us
    Mail to: 1923 Sam Houston Street, Liberty Texas 77575

    Liberty County registered voters who need to update their voter registration information or residents who would like to register to vote, please see the links below or visit www.VoteTexas.gov


    Election Notices:

    New County Commissioner Pcts as ordered


    Proposed Changes to Voting Pcts


    Exhibit C Polling locations.pdf

    ESD8 Petition Hearing 12 7 2021.pdf

      Candidates Don't forget to File Campaign Finance Reports with the Election Administrators Office!








    January 31, 2022


      This office Does NOT send out applications for ballot by mail randomly. Since it is Primary Election Season, you will be getting ballot by mail applications randomly from political parties, special interest groups, and others. We are NOT sending them to you. It is against the law for this office to send out random ballot by mail applications. Please be warned! When you mail us that ballot by mail application that you singed and then we do send you a ballot, please remember you did request the ballot that you signed your name to. Please read what you sign. Last Primary election we sent out ballots by mail that was legally requested.


    To Vote

    Don't Forget Your ID

    Make sure to bring a Photo ID. The ID should be up to date or expired up to four years. Voters 70 or older can bring a photo ID that has been expired for any length of time. If you had trouble getting an ID and can’t get one, here are some alternatives:

    • government document showing your name and an address, such as your voter registration certificate
    • current utility bill
    • bank statement
    • government check
    • paycheck
    • birth certificate

    If you use one of these, you’ll have to sign a form that says you had a reasonable impediment to getting an ID.

    • To become a Liberty County Deputy Volunteer Voter Registrar, you must complete a training and pass a test.  You can call the office to schedule your test appointment today.  936-253-8050.


      1915 Sam Trinity Street, Liberty Texas 77575

    • Interested in working at a election location?  Call 936-253-8050, ask for Doc.

      Online election worker training below:



      To register to vote, please contact the Liberty County Voter Registrar at 936-253-8050, or register to vote at https://votetexas.gov.


      Curbside Voting

      If a voter is physically unable to enter the polling place without assistance or likelihood of injury to his or her health, the voter is eligible for entrance or curbside voting.  If you need Curbside Voting please call 936-253-8050 and we will contact the polling location to have a clerk process your curbside voting requirements.

      Early Voting Locations

      Jack Hartel Building. 318 San Jacinto St. Liberty, TX 77575

      Hardin City Hall. 142 CO RD 2010 Liberty, TX 77327

      Dayton Community Center. 801 S. Cleveland St. Dayton, TX 77535

      Cleveland Civic Center, 210 Peach St, Cleveland, TX 77327

      Early voting:  Feb 14-18 9am-6pm

      Saturday Feb 19, 8am-1pm

      No voting Feb 21: Presidents Day

      Feb 22-23 9am-6pm

      Thursday Feb 24: 7am-7pm

      Friday Feb 25: 7am-7pm


      Voting Location For Election Day March 1, 2022 for both Republican and Democratic Parties


      Voting Pct 1 Votes at Romayor Baptist Church. 307 FM 2610 Cleveland, TX 77327

      Voting Pct 2 votes at 3, Hardin City Hall. 142 CO RD 2010 Liberty, TX 77327

      Voting Pct 6,18 votes at 19. Jack Hartel Building. 318 San Jacinto St. Liberty, TX 77575

      Voting Pct 8,25 votes at 9. HI- Way Tabernacle. Cleveland, TX 77327

      Voting Pct 10, Trinity Baptist Church. 408 W Clayton St Dayton, TX 77535

      Voting Pct 21, Kenefick Southern Baptist Church. 3536 FM 1008, Dayton, TX 77535

      Voting Pct 24, Westlake VFD. 8704 FM 1409 Dayton, TX 77535

      Voting Pct 11, Sacred Heart Catholic Church. 3730 FM 160 N Raywood, TX 77535

      Voting Pct 4, Devers School. 201 S. Chisolm St, Devers, TX 77538

      Voting Pct 13 votes at Hull Daisetta High School. 117 N Main St. Daisetta, TX 77533

      Voting Pct 20,26 votes at 7. Cleveland Civic Center, 210 Peach St, Cleveland, TX 77327

      Voting Pct 23 votes at 31. Plum Grove City Hall. 9485 Plum Grove RD. Cleveland, TX 77327

      Voting Pct 30 votes at 22. Dayton Community Center. 801 S. Cleveland St. Dayton, TX 77535


      County Judge race:   All voting pcts included

      District Clerk Race:  All voting pcts included

      Justice of the peace pct:  JP2 includes voting pcts: 11, 13, 4,

      County Commissioner pct 4 includes voting pcts: 22, 10, 21, 25


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